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Register to Attend the Joy for the Journey Conference 2022

Banquet - $50
Nightly Seminars- $25 Virtual
Nightly Seminars- $35 In Person
Nightly Seminars- $50 Onsite Registration

Alternate Ways to Register

Don't want to pay online with a credit card? 

No problem!

Fill out the registration form and indicate

your preferred method of payment.  Once Payment is confirmed, you will receive a

email confirmation.

Things to Remember

  1. Fill out the form for EACH attendee (including youth).

  2. Be sure to properly tally your total BEFORE remitting payment.

  3. If paying via CashApp or Givelify, please include a note with the name of all participants you are remitting payment for.

Evens to Attend
Choose One Nightly Seminar: Tuesday, Oct. 25th
Choose One Nightly Seminar: Wednesday, Oct. 26th
Choose One Nighly Seminar: Thursday, October 27th
I have paid, or will pay, via the following method:

Thank you for registering for the 2022 Joy for the Journey Conference. We look forward to worshiping with you. 

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