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Nightly Seminars

Join us at 6:25pm nightly, in person or virtually, for these powerful learning opportunities.


All classes take place at Graceland Community Church

4440 Lexington Blvd. Missouri City, TX 77459


Deeper Worship

Tuesday, October 24th 

Seeking a deeper connection with God through worship is a beautiful journey that can enrich your faith and transform your life. Dive into worship with an open heart, surrendering your worries and
distractions, allowing His presence to fill your soul with peace and joy. As you draw near to Him, you'll
find a profound sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of His boundless love. Let your worship
be a heartfelt offering, a sacred dialogue, and an opportunity to experience the incredible depth of His grace.

Practicing What We Preach

Tuesday, October 24th 

Engaging in spiritual disciplines is like nurturing the soil of your faith, allowing it to grow deep roots and bear abundant fruit. Dedicate time each day to prayer, meditation, reading Scripture, and reflecting
on your relationship with God. These disciplines provide a solid foundation for your spiritual journey, helping you draw closer to Him, gain clarity, and find inner peace. Remember that consistency is key, and as you faithfully practice these disciplines, you'll experience a profound transformation in your
walk with Christ, equipping you to navigate life's challenges with faith and grace.

Activating the Often Neglected Holy Spirit

Tuesday, October 24th 

Embracing the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry is like unlocking a divine power source. Invite the Spirit to guide your thoughts, actions, and decisions, trusting in His wisdom and guidance. As you yield to His presence, you'll witness miracles, experience supernatural strength, and find deeper meaning in your service. Cultivate a constant awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence, for He is your source of inspiration, comfort, and empowerment. When you activate the Holy Spirit in your life and
ministry, you open doors to divine possibilities that can transform lives and bring glory to God.


Getting In Where You Fit In

Wednesday, October 25th 

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Wednesday, October 25th 

Discovering your spiritual gifts and finding your place of service in the church is like uncovering a treasure within yourself. God has uniquely equipped you with talents and abilities to contribute to His kingdom's work. Seek out opportunities for self-discovery through prayer, reflection, and
conversations with fellow believers. When you identify your gifts and align them with your church's needs, you'll experience a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. Your service becomes a joyful act of worship, and the body of Christ benefits from the diverse talents that make the church stronger and more effective in sharing God's love with the world.

Serving in excellence within the church is a reflection of your commitment to honoring God. Whether you're teaching, leading worship, or assisting in any capacity, give your best effort as an offering to
Him. Your dedication and diligence not only glorify God but also inspire and uplift your fellow believers. Strive for excellence in all you do, knowing that your service is a vital part of creating an atmosphere where others can encounter the love and grace of Christ. Your faithful and excellent service has the power to transform lives and strengthen the church community, making it a beacon of God's light in the world.

We Want You

Wednesday, October 25th 

Promoting, growing, and recruiting others into church service is a beautiful way to expand the impact
of God's work. Share your passion for serving in the church with others, inviting them to experience the joy and fulfillment it brings. Encourage fellow Christians to discover and use their unique gifts for God's glory. Remember that the more hearts you inspire to serve, the greater the positive influence your church can have on the community. Together, you can create a vibrant and loving church family that reflects Christ's love and extends His grace to all who seek Him.


Unhanging Our Harps

Thursday, October 26th 

Embrace the mandate to reactivate your joyous sharing of your faith in Christ with a sense of urgency and purpose. Remember that Jesus commissioned His followers to spread the good news to all nations. Let your love for Him and the transformation He's brought to your life be the driving force behind your joyful witness. In a world seeking hope and meaning, your faith can be a beacon of light. So, accept this divine call to share your faith with joy and enthusiasm, knowing that in doing so, you are
participating in God's redemptive plan for humanity.

You've Got A Story To Tell

Thursday, October 26th 

Never forget the profound moment of your salvation experience, for it's a testament to Christ's goodness and the gift of grace. Let the memory of His love and forgiveness be a constant source of gratitude in your heart. Share your testimony freely and passionately, for it's a powerful reminder of God's unfailing love and the free offer of salvation available to all. Your story has the potential to touch hearts and lead others to the life-changing relationship with Jesus. Keep testifying to His goodness and the transformative power of His grace, and watch as lives are forever changed by His love.

Express Yourself

Thursday, October 26th 

Live out your faith boldly and authentically in every facet of your life, whether in your interactions
with others or through your involvement in church and ministry. Let your actions and words be a living testimony to the love, grace, and transformation that Christ has brought to your life. Be a shining
example of His teachings and values, and through your daily interactions and involvement in church and ministry, sow seeds of hope and inspiration. Your life can be a living testament to the power of faith, and your witness can draw others into the loving embrace of Christ.

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