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Nightly Seminars

Join us at 6:15pm nightly, in person or virtually, for these powerful learning opportunities.


All classes take place at Graceland Community Church

4440 Lexington Blvd. Missouri City, TX 77459


Who are We and What are We Doing?
Pastor Thurman West
Tuesday, October 24th 

Doing ministry in today’s strange times requires that we renew our commitment to the church’s vision, mission, and purposes. It is essential that members know and affirm their support of their ministry’s goals and objectives.

Lift Him Higher
Pastor Gregory Partman
Tuesday, October 24th 

Seeking to find ways to worship Christ at deeper levels, and in turn strengthening our hybrid services in order to attract more followers and participants who  give Him glory!

Serving Our Community

Dr. Robert Bailey, Jr.
Tuesday, October 24th 

Examining and reevaluating ways in which we minister to, and meet the needs of our communities and make impact through outreach, evangelism, engagement, and involvement.

I Ain't No Chicken!
Pastor Adrian Wynn
Tuesday, October 24th 

Recalling the old breakfast adage about the chicken (eggs) and the pig (bacon). Challenging members to make sacrifices for the success and fulfillment of their church vision, pastor, and ministries through full surrender of their time, talents, and treasure.


Discipleship in Strange Times
Dr. Leroy Lacy, Jr.
Wednesday, October 25th 

Learning While Leading
Bishop Isaiah Jackson, Jr.
Wednesday, October 25th 

Supporting Our 
Min Jan Caroll
Wednesday, October 25th 

If It's Broke: Fix It!
Pastor Shan Davis
Wednesday, October 25th 

Discovering ways to make Christian maturity authentic and possible in today’s hybrid church experience. Exploring new ways to fulfill the Christ’s Great Commission.

Creating new and effective ways to discover, develop, and deploy emerging leaders into the life of the church. Implementing training and continued growth opportunities.

Reminding members of the need to encourage the encourager. Discussing ways to lighten the load of our beloved pastors through service, offerings, vacation etc. Also, helping coordinate church-wide participation in providing cheer to our well deserving spiritual leader(s).

Reviewing and developing effective organizational systems to ensure improved planning, leading, and communication in all areas of church life.


Putting Our Best Foot Forward
Pastor Erick Hoskin
Thursday, October 26th 

Designed for first-contact ministries (ushers, greeters, parking lot attendants, etc.) and members who play an important role in ensuring all attendees receive a 5-star experience, both in-person and virtually.

Strategic Planning: From Checkers to Chess
Dr. Kenneth Campbell
Thursday, October 26th 

Stretching our strategies to move beyond ministry basics and engaging in new measures for growth and success. Exercising faith to reach higher levels of excellence.

Check Ups &
Check Ins

Apostle Charles Perry, Jr.
Thursday, October 26th 

Discovering ways to evaluate, engage, and encourage staff (paid or unpaid) to get greater productivity out of each team member. Implementing goals, expectations, performance reviews, etc. to ensure the right persons are in the right places, and avoiding burnout and discouragement.

Operation Assimilation
Dr. Jason Meachum
Thursday, October 26th 

Exploring creative ways to get people into the pews, and online, and inspiring them to become actively involved in a consistent ministry service capacity.

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